Short Story

Tess had gone to sleep at 4:08 AM. She woke up at 7:15 AM and it was freezing cold, although she lived in Los Angeles. She was too tired to make coffee; the idea of making coffee made her feel afraid. She wore four sweaters: three layered, one as a hat. The ghost of November Futures appeared and asked her if she’d like to glimpse into her autumns to come. “No thanks,” said Tess, “I’m too tired to time travel.” The ghost walked onto the grass and peed on a bush while staring at her hatefully. “Go away, ghost,” said Tess. The ghost disappeared. A cup of coffee appeared on the arm of the deck chair. “I’d better not drink that,” thought Tess, “the ghost probably left it, and it’s likely poisonous.” The coffee disappeared. Tess was filled with regret.

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