things that should have been invented by now:

1. floating chairs.

2. cat litter that dematerializes by remote. then new cat litter materializes in its place.

3. super-sweet grapefruits.

4. pills that give you great hair.

5. a machine that makes tiny loaves of french bread and fits onto your coffee maker.

6. a coffee maker the size of a lighter that makes foam and has a caramel compartment.

7. a bathtub with a washing machine built into a drawer in the base.

8. windows with a rain feature.

9. windows with a sun feature.

10. a hybrid between plastic and real plants.

11. domesticated land crabs that mow the lawn.

12. the “instant necktie” (hologram).

13. muffin cereal.

14. invisible socks.

15. mime-like body suits made out of cashmere that cost $3 and are socially acceptable.

16. berries with juice in the middle.

17. shaved ice machines built into refrigerator doors.

18. citrus-flavored water tap option.

19. “bed on command.”

20. affectionate tropical fish.

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    Affectionate tropical fish.
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